Double or single bed?


Furnishing your home also means planning the bedroom and, as always, for us at Dialma Brown it is a question of taste and respect for your style. This room has to be welcoming and with every detail considered, from the furniture to the furnishing accessories and to the finishes. Along with the dresser and night stands which can take on different forms according to your preferred style, the drawer unit, wardrobe with or without sliding doors, the double bed or single bed is the key element that first and foremost has to ensure rejuvenating rest. Needless to say, everything has to harmonise to create a bedroom that is welcoming, with an impeccable look and perfect in every detail.

Il Buon riposo

Healthy rest begins with the bed. You have to choose the one that is right. Firstly, you have to consider the size of the room and its layout, then those of the bed: the headboard can have varying sizes but we recommend never to go below 90 cm. If you want to buy a double bed, the width must be not less that 170 cm and the length not less than 200 cm. Then if the floorspace in the room is limited and you need a space saver solution, you could buy an ottoman bed, or even one with side drawers that increases their function. The material used to make the bed is another factor to consider: wood – from wenge to solid wood – adapts to all the styles, wrought iron is perfect if you are looking for a classic style bed, leather if you want a sophisticated, elegant look, or upholstered, which is in fashion of late. But over and above the current trends, remember always to choose bedroom furnishings that give a long-lasting thrill.

Match the bed with the dresser and nightstands :

LThe bedroom furnishings also include the bed, the dresser and night stands, even if the minimalist fashions of today tend to integrate these into the wardrobe or into the bed. The decisions start with the materials to be used: wood, metal, steel, plastics. Then it’s important to consider the style, so you can opt for eye-catching designer elements, modern, classic or go back even further in time to vintage. The rule never to be forgotten is to always think about the room they will occupy.

There are endless shapes, from the most regular to the most eccentric squared forms, and the night stands are normally chosen according to the bed they sill be positioned by, and in any event always taking your personal needs into account. Practical allies, they can hold your lamp or the pile of your favourite books, perhaps even that dreaded alarm clock. And if it has drawers, they can contain your most precious memories. To create an original look with impact, you could decide to break the rules and choose a shape, style and material different from those of the bed, or even dare to have two different night stands.

The dresser is one of the most purchased furnishing elements when it comes to decorating the house. With drawers, for the most part the dresser is in wood with finishes that enhance the surface material and create material textures that generate emotions.

The bedroom branded Dialma Brown

Poetic, vintage, modern, Provençale: so many adjectives define the Dialma Brown bedroom and its collection of single and double beds, dressers and night stands, wardrobes with sliding or hinged doors and drawer units.
Beds with imposing headboards that frame them and add character. They can be capitonné upholstered or finely carved and characterised by a pickled or brush-waxed finish. Their structure could be in recycled old wood or white or natural Viennese straw.
Furnishings not only in wood, but also in metal, designed to recall certain atmospheres from across the ocean or that opt for the practicality of French box spring bases, single or double, with a spacious container unit.
What matters are the details, the accuracy of the workmanship, the perfect combination of materials to create timeless bedroom furnishings.

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