Dressers and Storage Chests

The modern dresser of today is a piece of furniture that detaches itself from that traditional idea of country, yet giving it the same importance and function, quality and design. A true furnishing accessory, in different materials and finishes, with interior shelves, perhaps even LED lit, modern dressers are no longer only placed in the kitchen, but in any context, from living room to bedroom they can replace a drawer unit.

From classic to modern storage chests:

Created by Italians in the 17th century, the kitchen dresser has come through the centuries unscathed. Alongside the wooden storage chests and china cabinets, it was a container unit that furnished the houses of nobles. A cross between the dresser and the display cabinet, modern china cabinets are still used today to display the most beautiful and prized ornaments.
And who can forget the 1950s dresser snapped up by lovers of vintage style?
Today’s fashions call for modern dressers characterised by different heights and depths, shapes and colours, often with a geometric look, produced in previously unheard of ideas such as leather. A growing trend at the moment is the low white dresser that brightens up and adds elegance to any room. A discreet presence but capable of characterising any interior in which its sophisticated style is positioned.

Like the china cabinet and dresser that are pure tradition, the storage chest, too, is a piece of furniture from days gone by, used as a bin to knead bread dough and leave it there to rise. Now, adapting to trends and to any furnishing style, from classic to contemporary, it is one of the showcase pieces in a home.
The modern storage chest is a horizontal furnishing that acts as kitchen storage and, at the same time, as a major player among furnishing accessories for the living room, a strategic container in wood, plastic or lacquered. Its return in grand style and the more compact structure have ensured that designers interpret it with modern revivals that in any event still express that welcoming atmosphere that the storage chests and country dressers have always emanated.
In a wide range of sizes, this multifunction container can have open or closed compartments, drawers, legs in metal or wood in the free-standing versions, or hung on walls, or have even become one of the irreplaceable elements for wall units.

New Dialma Brown trends

For sure there are few furnishing accessories quite like wooden storage chests and dressers, that even interpret our desire to match opposites, representing a bridge between past and present. We revitalise the tradition, designing many different models and giving everyone the chance to find their perfect container concept.
Far from the excesses of minimalism, we have defined our own concept of modern, mixing it with just the right dose of nature: solid or old wood is the lead player, tinted with earthy colours or left natural.
So we now have a system of versatile containers distinguished for their extreme flexibility in optimising space through the sculptures range and the cosmopolitan mood that expresses sheer elegance in the interiors.

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