Occasional tables

The living room is a multifunctional area, where you relax on the sofa, read a book, or watch a film. On every one of these occasions coffee tables define the style and at the same time offer a practical resting surface. Classic and hand-carved make for instant elegance. It could be that this style doesn’t please everyone, but they are also an evergreen if you are looking for an impeccable low occasional table, even perfect amidst modern minimalist furnishing. Of all the materials, wood is definitely the one that best creates atmosphere: it is sufficient to choose the wood that blends in most with the other furnishings. You could opt for other materials such as metal, steel, plexiglass, wrought iron or glass tables for the living room that do not clash with the rest of the furniture. Modern occasional tables or designer tables, are an even more functional ally when they are extendable. There are even versions with drawers and compartments to keep everything neat and close at hand. Coffee tables, therefore, are crucial in any living room worthy of respect.

But how to choose the ideal occasional table?

First of all, think of how you want to use it, because the appearance is important but not everything, then consider the size. Low occasional tables must be as high as the surrounding seating, then remember to leave sufficient space between the sofa and the table so you can move around it without difficulty.

Choosing a round coffee table is recommended when the room to be furnished is small but you want to in any event ensure practical. But there are many other different shapes available: rectangular, square, oval, shaped: our advice is to create a harmonious environment.

Another factor to bear in mind when choosing the ideal occasional table has to be the colour. If the sofa is a pale or neutral colour like the rest of the furnishings, it is best to choose a coloured occasional table to break up the chromatic cadence. Also take into account the colour of the walls!

Dialma Brown occasional tables

Our occasional tables draw inspiration from the cult eras of design that we then reinterpret in a new way. This results in pieces that define the new urban style, revive Vintage and reveal their love of Provençale style.
Beautiful and useful. They enhance the practical space in a living room, defining the area dedicated to relaxation and hospitality. Rectangular, hexagonal, geometric with wheels and drawers, or oval shapes, always ready to help by offering a practical resting surface. They can be traditional or minimalist such as those in the photo.
Occasional tables can be in wood, combined with marble and metal, fitted with drawers that increase their function, bringing out a dual character when they transform into stools or night stands.

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