Tables and chairs, ten useful recommendations for choosing

When designing the furnishings for an entire house, also remember the tables and chairs because they are furnishings indispensable in showing your style. But how to find your bearings in the incredibly wide range on the market? Nowadays, choosing matching tables and chairs is a thing of the past and the trend is to combine different models of kitchen chairs. And the concept of country furnishing only if you live in the country, where the standard choice was solid wood tables and darker colours, has also disappeared. Dialma Brown will surprise you with its variety of models and styles, offering extendable and transformable tables, round or rectangular, narrow and long, modern tables, in glass, dining tables, tables for the office, the living room and a range of incredibly beautiful chairs for every room.

Do you want a recommendation on how to choose among the many tables and chairs? We will give you ten!

  1. The style first.
  2. Before choosing kitchen chairs, first decide the kitchen tables.
  3. Match tables and chairs.
  4. The ideal dimensions of the table.
  5. After choosing the table, check the kitchen chair measurements.
  6. Beautiful tables and chairs, yes, but most of all functional!
  7. The seat covers.
  8. the chair and table that suit you best.
  9. The kitchen chairs.
  10. Lighting.


1 Trends are important, as are the design, but what really counts when buying any furnishing item is your own style, your personality. Because even the furnishings speak for you, reflect your passions, your taste. Armed now with good sense and creativity, you can feel free to make your independent choices from today’s fashions!

2 Before choosing one of our kitchen chairs, first decide on one of our kitchen tables. Everything starts with the choice of table. And there are so many: traditional or designer tables. Kitchen tables, but not only: in the Dialma Brown catalogue you will also find beautiful, practical furnishings for the lounge, study and other daytime areas. For more compact rooms, we recommend you perhaps choose one of our folding or transformable tables. The shape is also important: remember that round lends itself to conversation, but it all depends on the room it will occupy.

3 As you will have noticed from browsing our catalogues or seeing our showrooms, it is fashionable today to combine modern chairs with, for example, classic kitchen tables in solid wood. The trick to avoiding too much of a clash is to find common elements to harmonize the style extremes, such as the colour or material, for example.

4 Numbers don’t lie: count at least a space of 60 cm for each guest and multiply. This will give you the ideal length of the kitchen table. If you are tempted to buy a narrow table to create a more intimate environment, remember that a table with a width of 70-75 cm will only be sufficient for two plates, two glasses and two napkins, with no room for plates in the centre of the table. An 85-90 cm table will ensure plenty of space and extra function. The height of the table should be 73-75 cm, whilst that of the chair seat should be equivalent to 45-50 cm. The distance between the two planes – the seat and the table – should therefore be around 25-30 cm in order to be comfortable. Then there’s the style factor to consider: would you like to recreate a Provençale mood? Check out our proposals among the tables in solid wood, or if you prefer Industrial style go for a table in metal or a glass table.

5 It is preferable that the total height is not more than 90 cm so as to simplify movement in the kitchen, which is usually rapid and frequent: a high chair back, in fact, would be an obstacle. Before buying it is crucial to know the chair measurements also as a ratio to the kitchen tables. As we mentioned earlier, there should be a distance of 30 cm between the chair and the table top. Then a chair cannot be too heavy as it has to be moved continuously to be able to clean more quickly.

6 The design is fundamental, but what we want from chairs and tables is that they are comfortable and practical, making their use in any room of the house more pleasant, playing a key role in so many moments of each day. Remember that before buying tables and chairs you have to consider comfort and ergonomics. Do you want more comfort? Add one of our cushions: there are plenty, in numerous colours and decorations, among the Dialma Brown furnishing accessories!

7 After buying a chair, its appearance has to be preserved. It is important to choose a covering that is easy to clean: leather, cotton blends and fabric are the best options, whereas it is best to avoid chenille and velvet or all those chairs with cushions that are difficult to removele cover and therefore make cleaning complicated.

8 Provençale, Vintage, Shabby Chic, Industrial or Design. Whatever style your home is, here you’ll find tables and chairs to recreate the atmosphere. Do you want a more traditional home where the love of the values of long ago prevail? You could choose a classic table with a surface material such as old wood: it will warm up any room. Or will you dare to go vintage? For example, take a look at our metal tables and leather chairs: with Dialma Brown you can create plays of different contrasts and styles.

9 The kitchen chairs and dining chairs are among those most used. It’s where we sit for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or to chat with our loved ones. So it is very important that they are stable, comfortable and in excellent quality material, just like ours: solid wood, selected washable fabrics. Here we’ve had fun putting together a mix and match of Provençale-style models for you.

10 Last but not least is the lighting. Your choice and its positioning with respect to the table is fundamental in creating the sought-after atmosphere.
For kitchen tables or in large living rooms it is best that the lighting is centred over the table at a height of at least 75 cm. If your table isn’t used for dining, you could even think about opting for a table lamp.

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