The modern living room

The “parlour”, now more commonly known as the living room, is one of the most lived-in areas of the home, where you spend time with the family, read books, relax and chat with friends. So every detail has to be considered, and your furnishings chosen with great care.
Furniture for the modern living room includes dressers, bookcases, dining and occasional tables, chairs, shelves and furnishing accessories that emphasise the style of every room. We recommend that you leave nothing to chance and, if you aren’t an expert, ask for help from a furnishing professional who can advise on how to create the modern living room of your dreams. Logically, the sofa and armchairs simply have to be there

What makes a living room modern?

Once upon a time, the spaces in a house were neatly divided up and each room had specific functions and times during the day when they were used: in particular, the day area included the lounge, parlour and dining room. Furnishing a modern living room now means designing an open space that combines all the rooms into a single environment. This takes careful planning, in the choice of furnishings, accessories and seating.
Buying the sofa and armchairs requires a lot of thought. Factors to take into accounts are the level of comfort, measurements, the number of family members, and then decide between a two-seater or three-seater sofa, choose the colour according to the interiors and colour scheme of the other furnishings, the background decoration of walls and floors, and even your lifestyle. If you don’t have an extra bedroom and need to make arrangements for guests, it could be worth buying a double or single sofa bed.

And you definitely also need to consider the space you have available! If the space is limited, choose a Dialma Brown two-seater sofa and face it with two chairs to create a conversation area. Or if the room is large, the ideal solution would be a sectional sofa that creatively defines the area dedicated to relaxation. Lastly, a corner sofa would be perfect if you want to exploit every last centimetre of space in a more “difficult” room.
Thinking about a modern living room brings to mind furnishings with clean, geometric lines, multi-function fitted wall panels, and we imagine materials such as glass, metal and cement. The dominant colour is total white, matched with grey to create a refined effect, or with beige and other pale colours.

The modern living room branded Dialma Brown

Guardare ai maestri del design per proiettare il loro insegnamento ai giorni d’oggi e realizzare un programma per il salotto moderno eclettico, poliedrico e originale.
Ce lo immaginiamo come uno spazio da vivere, da condividere, da organizzare secondo lo stile di vita di ognuno. Ecco perché il nostro programma per il salotto moderno prevede oltre a una gamma varia di arredi e oggettistica per la casa, divani e poltrone unconventional, sedute dal forte appeal estetico per creare aree relax che rispondano alle esigenze dello spazio in cui vivi e del tuo gusto: sedie, poltrone moderne in pelle, divani moderni arricchiti da lavorazioni sartoriali, silhouette geometriche rivestiti da tessuti sofisticati: ancora una volta da Dialma Brown, un mix di creatività, modernità e nostalgia in cui rifletterti.

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