Vases, sculptures and objets d’art to complete your home furnishings

Call them homeware or furnishing accessories, the substance remains the same. They all fall into the category of items that give an extra touch to any room, whether it’s the kitchen, living room, bedroom or bathroom, or even the garden.
Without all these home accessories, your house just wouldn’t be the same. You only need think about the warm, welcoming atmosphere that a light can create in every room, or how important the frame is for the photographs and pictures you hold most dear!

Dialma Brown furnishing accessories

Experiencing your home in a completely original way, without being restricted by definitions that are too rigid, but rather immediately reflecting the personality of who lives there. This is our philosophy, always what represents us and at the same time mirrors today’s world, so richly multifaceted.
A mood that denotes not only the furnishing collections, but also the objets d’art and accessories for the home: an extensive range of modern and designer vases, sculptures, lighting, picture frames in wood and silver photo frames to bring out the best of your snapshots and best-loved memories, cushions with different textures, kitchen accessories such as the ice or champagne bucket, containers, trays and so on.
A series of objets d’art and furnishing accessories for interiors, that have a painstaking eye for detail and are in quality materials, constantly expanding and “stealing” inspiration from faraway places.

The varied world of furnishing accessories

Furnishing accessories are a fundamental aspect of every home. And not only because they make it more stylish, immediately reflecting your personal view, but also allow every room to be as practical as possible.
You can decide to match them to your lifestyle or break the rules and play on contrast: for example, homeware in plastic, used a great deal because it is colourful, easy to clean and hard-wearing, and is perfect for creating classic furnishing.

But there is more than plastics in the varied world of accessories. There are wood, steel, glass, metal, polycarbonate and faux leather. Whatever the material, they are increasingly fashionable: so today the furnishing industry brands often complete their collections by offering an extensive homeware catalogue that can differ by materials, use, style, environment, shape, colour and also price. The brands often also give designers assignments to create true collections created with every corner of the house in mind.

Designer or classic, vintage or industrial, what is important is that modern or designer vases, sculptures, silver photo or picture frames, cushions, throws, lamps and all those items that embellish interior design have a painstaking eye for detail that helps make them more “liveable”.
When you choose them, don’t merely give in to current fashion, but always buy them carefully because what counts is also how practical they are.

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