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Who we are

The company, origins and philosophy.

The past teaches us how to read the future. The company’s roots are firmly embedded in the history of the Marchi family, shaping new horizons with its long experience.After decades in the furnishing and furniture manufacturing sector, Gianluigi Marchi created Dialma Brown in 2007 – a young, dynamic company with strong appeal and numerous sales outlets in Italy and abroad.
Eclectic and transversal, the Dialma Brown style takes forward and backward steps through space and time, absorbing occasionally opposing trends to breathe life into scenographic, emotion-filled interiors.

The exception compositional variety seen in every component is all produced in-house at its production plant, an expression of the Made in Italy that has made us famous the world.
In 2023 Dialma Brown created two distinct collections, Officine Brown and Dialma Lifestyle. The former, an innovative line with contemporary products that combine ethics with design. This line encompasses furnishing elements for the modern home with an innovative and minimalist appeal. The latter, an eclectic and fashionable collection with a strong personality.
Ready to discover our world?

Dialma Brown is a new and original way of experiencing the home, a mix of styles that creates perfect harmony and at the same time an unexpected contrast, the warmth of wood and the chill of metal, a step back into the past and a leap into the future with pieces of an innovative design that transmit pure emotion.

Tradition and Sustainability

With love and responsibility to get to the soul of the wood.

A piece of Dialma Brown furniture is immediately recognizable. Perhaps this is because it expresses the true Italian-made quality of our company that brings together artisanal “know how” and state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques. Shapes and colours are studied, starting from many years’ experience and thorough research which is then expressed in a design, the design is superimposed on a room and comes to life as furnishing.

With its many years of experience in the furniture industry, the company has developed ethical production methods that minimise pollution and waste without neglecting a design-rich approach in the creation of its collections. The protagonist of our world is undoubtedly wood, a material that simultaneously embodies the company’s ethical commitment and the collection’s warm and cosy style.


With a display that winds through thirty-five rooms you will discover our environments and production, guided step by step by interior designers and planners who will answer any questions you have.

Dialma Brown has a wide selection for every interior, from day to night areas, from study to living room, from dining room to bedroom. With Dialma Brown you can invent the home that best expresses you.

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Quality of raw materials, sustainability, Made in Italy, emotional design. These are our strengths that distinguish us and make us proud to expand the Dialma Brown brand in Italy and around the world.