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A collection that can bring to life environments that are always unique and authentic, giving you plenty of room for your freedom to express yourself and the pleasure of change.

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Dialma Lifestyle collection has its own clear identity. No piece goes unnoticed. Triviality and conventionality are alien concepts to us.

Customers are able to create their own interiors by mixing and combining unique elements with a great personality, all made to match by similarity or contrast, analogy or diversity for an original, authentic and totally personal living environment.

Product categories

Dialma Lifestyle proposes a ‘no strings’ environment, with no fixed or pre-set concepts communicating playfulness, freedom and a desire for change to people living in it.



Furnishing Accessories




Dialma Lifestyle Philosophy

With love and responsibility to get to the soul of the wood.

Aesthetic style and taste are not the only values that bring together the personality of Dialma Lifestyle creations and customers’ individuality. For a furniture manufacturer, quality is also a key value.

Quality means special care in the choice of materials, meticulous and accurate manufacturing techniques, and finishing elements added with skill and competence. For customers, this means making an informed purchase knowing they are choosing the best in the industry.

Every space is a space to be invented

Each room provides the chance to explore and reinvent. The freedom lies in experimenting with decor and choosing the atmosphere that best suits your taste.


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Quality of raw materials, sustainability, Made in Italy, emotional design. These are our strengths that distinguish us and make us proud to expand the Dialma Brown brand in Italy and around the world.