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One of the key characteristics of open space is the brightness, so we recommend that you don’t block windows and glass with drapes that are too dark and heavy. To separate the various functional areas, you can use furnishings such as sofas and bookcase units, display cabinets, cupboards, armchairs and easy chairs that can be positioned in the centre of the room or against the walls, depending on how you want to organise the space. Or you can divide up the open space, creating different flooring levels: one or two steps can, for example, separate the kitchen from the living area, emphasising their different identities with the furnishings; or by the colour of the walls that fade from one colour into the next.

Furnishing an Open Space:

Open space isn’t so much a real home concept, but rather a new way of planning the space in an apartment. Having a lot more space to work with has its advantages, but there are in any event areas that should be separated, for example the night area, which could however contain relaxing tubs.
As regards furnishing, concealed sliding doors are a solution increasingly used to separate the corner kitchen, to stop odour propagation; modern or vintage bookcases, and bookcase units in wood, are useful for creating a corner study, tables, occasional tables and display cabinets to section off the area dedicated to fun time, sectional sofas, armchairs and easy chairs to create the relaxation area.

How to arrange the furnishing:

You can make them the lead players by not placing them against walls: in this case, a great deal of care must be taken when choosing the sofas, armchairs, easy chairs, vintage or modern bookcases and units, tables, occasional tables and display cabinets. Or they can be placed against the walls, divided up by function and leaving the centre space free: this is a solution that adds lightness to the ensemble with a very appealing impact. Another possibility is to adopt an arrangement that combines both methods, putting only the furnishings you like best in the middle. Lastly, you can free yourself of all rules, set no limits on your imagination and abolish all the functional and visual separators.

Dialma Brown solutions

The open space is an ideal stage for our mix of styles, in a combo of eras and inspirations. For example, the relaxation area is increasingly important for satisfying the growing need to socialise and to position modern sofas, with geometric lines and in natural, light-coloured fabrics, alongside easy chairs and a small carved sofa reminiscent of past eras.
The dining area has an Industrial-style table in wood and metal surrounded by chairs covered in Vintage black leather. And all around are furnishings such as the vintage bookcase and homeware that tell a tale of the lives of their owners.