Tradition and Sustainability

Love and responsibility let us understand the soul of wood.

A piece of Dialma Brown furniture is immediately recognizable.
Perhaps this is because it expresses true Italian-made quality of our company that brings together artisanal “know how” and state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques.

Using wood, salvaged from old farmhouses and mountain huts and brought back to life to be made into original furnishings full of evocative power.
This noble material holds within the value of its past and the beauty given it by the passage of time.

Hands are, and always will be, our most important tools. In every action, master craftspeople work like those of the past, with the same passion and attention to detail.

The essence of wood

Meticulously studying the wood, piece-by-piece, seeking to eliminate all impurities; each piece is tested by a metal detector to find any metal residues.
We use traditional techniques like doweling and joinery. Our ultimate goal is to make quality furniture that stands the test of time.

Exclusively Italian artisanal crafting techniques.

Each piece is crafted according to the tenets of fine furniture making. The wood is brushed to bring out its veining, marks, and shading – all of nature’s gifts.

Extra quality comes from handcrafting and hand finishes.
This brings out the material’s quality to enchanting effect.

Technology has its rightful place alongside human craft, which is why we always keep on investing in innovation.

Benvenuto in Dialma Brown!

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