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Wood, and not only, to create furnishing solutions. This material, so warm and alive, is used not only for floors, but also as wall covering. Let’s see how:
Every type of Dialma Brown wall comes in units that allow us to create walls of any size. In its various types we find textures in recycled wood in freestyle format strips or tiles, or in geometric patterns. To create high-impact decorated walls we recommend the 3D-style decorations where the visual impact is even stronger.

Wall coverings in wood

A comprehensive collection of wooden wall and floor coverings in a series of different patterns: panels in wood fit flexibly together to create smooth or 3D textures, geometric or flowing decorations that can be rear lit with LEDs to create scenographic chiaroscuro effects.
Research into the look spans different directions: wooden wall coverings are offered with rust, brick or cement effects, or are tiled in just one or multiple colours.

Wood, but not only. Counting on highly modern visual and sensory effects are also the coverings in cement or the processed metal tiles that can be creatively placed on the walls, filling every room with a warm atmosphere.
Suited to every room, coverings become their focal point, whether in the home or in leased space and retail venues

To create today’s scenographic interiors, wood is used extensively for wall coverings and modern floors. In all its laying approaches, in fact, it is a material that can be adopted in practically every room, from living room to bedroom, for its “relaxing” effect. If used in the bathroom or kitchen it is important that specific products are used to waterproof it and ensure its protection against mould.

Floors in wood and PVC

Hardwood floors are a must in modern furnishing. Used for every style, from modern to classic, it has always been appreciated for its warmth and aesthetic appeal. Dialma Brown presents its line of flooring in recycled wood, a new concept for parquet. Environment-friendly and of strong impact, Dialma Brown floors are available in a range of types and finishes. From planks to geometric tiles in natural or oiled finishes.
A valid alternative to wood is faux wood flooring. PVC floors are ideal for the home, also because they can cover pre-existing flooring without the need for demolition, so offering considerable savings in terms of time and renovation costs. This thermoplastic material is beautiful, available in a wide variety of colours and, thanks to computerised graphics, perfectly imitates materials such as stone and wood. Easy to clean, resistant to water, wear and mould, and even acts as soundproofing.